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  1. Yes! We're starting a Magazine some of you might have seen it on Facebook and Instagram already.. I've been dreamin + thinking and finally planning this magazine for the past six months.. This year I'm finally taking the leap and turning it into reality!


    The iea was born after I failed to find a magazine that met our needs. Between numerous outdoor/adventure magazines (that pretty much excluded any family activities) and several  aimed just at children, I was missing one that the whole family can enjoy without being purely a "family magazine". Does that make any sense? We are determined to create a magazine everyone can enjoy - no matter if they have family or not.

    A magazine that connects us through our love for nature and the outdoors, rather than divides by what or who we are..

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    The content will range from plant knowledge to bushcraft skills, to identification + foraging of plants, recipes on how to use them (in food, drinks, personal care or for your health), wildlife + outdoor activities. There will be carving, book reviews, essays photography and of course the "Mini Magazine" just for the kids! (This will be an inlet, which you can simply give away or donate to schools and libraries, if you don't have any children yourself and are not interested in it).

    They too will learn all about plants + wildlife (in a more playful way). There will be DIY projects, colouring sheets, fun facts and riddles to solve + nature hunts and challenges!

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    Photo 07-03-2017, 14 37 48(Last image by Heino Touborg)

    We are lucky to already have a wonderful team of contributors together, including biologists, herbalists, bushcraft instructors, nutritionists, forest school leaders, illustrators and many more!

    Photo 14-03-2017, 21 02 26(Picture by Rebecca Fischer)

    Like the sound of the magazine so far? Great, because you can help bringing it to life!

    We are currently crowdfunding to secure the cost of the first two issues! By supporting the crowdfunding, you will not only help to bring this project to reality and support us and the contributors (yes, they are all paid, because we think that great content and many hours of work should be appreciated.. - this will only make the magazine even better), but you will also get the Magazine (and all the other "perks" actually) for a better price than anyone else after the campaign!

    You can find our campaign here:

    Did we mention we will plant a tree for each issue sold? 

    Lets go and plant a forest!

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    Any questions? Dont hesitate to ask us! You can message us here, on Facebook, Instagram or email us at

  2. When I first started the #themagicofchildhood hashtag, I simply wanted a place to share pictures of all these wonderful, magical, little and unposed moments, I loved taking of Lilia. First I wasn't sure, if I should share and invite others to join in, but I'm so glad I did! What do they say? Shared joy is double the joy? Yes! Absolutely true! I absolutely love schrolling through the hashtag and seeing all the magical moments you captured. I can't quite believe the hashtag grew to over 15.000 tags in just a few months..

    It's impossible to choose favourites, but I'd love to share the two pictures that especially caught my eye in December and January.

    Congratulations @theuntetheredlife and @nikki.rainey you are the winners of our December and January prize!! Please DM me your addresses to claim your prize!



    Find the details of all runner ups over on my Instagram



    To take part, follow me on Instagram and simply tag all your suitable pictures with #themagicofchildhood - I will announce my February favourite early next month!


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